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MetaOrg 2.0



MetaOrg is a simple tool for the bulk management of your Audio files, based on their MetaData Tags.
All the audio files found in the Source folder are copied and sorted in directories created in the destination folder.
Each directory corresponds to an Artist, or an Album, or a Genre or a Decade or a Year, depending on the User choice.

MetaOrg is only an organizer, it cannot be used to edit the metadata or to play the files, but it can make minor adjustments to the original tags, according to your preferences.

What's new in the version 2.0 ?

MetaOrg has been greatly enhanced:

MetaOrg 1.0 was only 'passive', it could not modify the Metadata Tags. MetaOrg 2.0 can adjust the Title, the Artist and the Track numbers, according to some options, mostly to cope with the limitations of some audio players (Blu-ray players, auto-radio, web-radio, media-servers...)

MetaOrg can now convert the original audio files to 'mp3' format, when they are not already encoded in 'mp3'. This is useful for people having a large data base of audio files encoded in 'flac' lossless format and they want to create a portable selection in 'mp3' format, to fit on an USB key or an SD card.
"Lame 3.99" is used for the conversion. The process is quite slow, but the quality is irreprochable, even at 128 kBps.

How to use MetaOrg

No documentation is available for MetaOrg, but its use is obvious,

Apart from the new options already described above, MetaOrg 2.0 still accounts for the features already present in MetaOrg 1.0:

When the process is done, a status message is displayed. This can be a warning when not every file could be copied, because of the lack of metadata or because of duplications.


MetaOrg.2.0 'zipped' Setup executable file (1.233 MB): MetaOrg_2.0_Setup.zip

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