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AudioCapt 2.1


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AudioCapt is a simple application for capturing audio and recording it to a file in "Flac", "Wav" or "Mp3" format.
A stereo bargraph meter and a small oscilloscope help to adjust the recording level.
The name of the record file is created from the given "Artist", "Album" and "Title" strings. Same for the Metadata stored into the file.
The audio quality goes from very high (24 bit Flac format, sampled at 96 kSps), to low (monaural Mp3 sampled at 22.05 kSps).
This last format is interesting when using "AudioCapt" as an Audio Logger for recording sounds with a microphone during several hours.
For this purpose, it is possible to cut the recording into several "chunks" of a same duration.
The audio input is selectable between all the sources available on the PC, plus a "What You Hear" facility in loopback from the Windows Mixer Output.
This feature is very useful to record streamed music. It is operational on any PC, even without having a sophisticated audio board.
In "loopback" mode, the audio quality depends on the quality of your audio output drivers.
When testing,the quality was poor with a "Connexant" driver, it was correct with a "Realtek" driver and it was great with a "Bluetooth" headphone.
There is also an auxiliary "Monitoring" function to listen to the audio track which is recorded (with some delay).
This feature is only useful when not already available in hardware from your audio board.
Of course the monitoring cannot be used when you are recording "What You hear"!


This description is available in PDF format (109KB): AudioCapt.pdf


AudioCapt 'zipped' Setup executable file (1.21MB): AudioCapt_Setup.zip