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CATrain 2.61



CATrain is a tool for designing, simulating, and controlling model railways. The design mode allows the user to draw a simplified layout, including devices such as turnouts, signals, and level crossing. The running mode permits the checking of the layout by concurrently running several trains on it. The trains that have been installed on the railway are animated on the screen. The trains can either circulate under manual control or automatically, following user-defined itineraries.

From version 2.4, audio effects can be added: engine sounds, squealing brakes, track clicks, horns, level-crossing bells... Default audio clips are provided, but the user can create his own audio clips.

CATrain can control a real model railway through home-made control modules. From version 2.5, an Uhlenbrock IB-Com (or Intellibox) unit can be used.  The driver provided by Uhlenbrock must be installed and the IB-Com must be connected to an USB port.
This way most layouts, with embedded digital decoders,can be supervised by CATrain (Marklin, Arnold, LGB, Lenz, Digitrax,...).



CATrain has its own Web site and forum, created and managed by Daniel Merbecks: www.catrain.org/en/

CATrain can be downloaded from this site, or through the following link (6 MB): CATrain2.6.1_Setup.zip

The documentation is available in PDF format (549KB): Catrain.pdf